24 Feb

More and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices or smartphones to get more information about what they are buying or what they are considering buying. In many cases, it is necessary to scan multiple codes present on the product label to access this information or, perform personalized searches through web pages because it is not available.

Today, having complete and reliable data between supply chain participants is a key element. Imagine that a single code contains standardized data, adding value to the brand and scannable by everyone, including retailers and consumers.

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What is DigitalLink?

GS1 Digital Link has the opportunity to help transform today's labeling into an efficient platform for retailers and consumers that can “connect the product to the web” with unlimited, extended and standardized linked information. Provides a simple structure based on GS1 standards through the use of 2D barcodes such as GS1 Datamatrix or GS1 QR code, implementing simple rules that applications, websites and scanners can use to improve user experience and link to product content .

With this, brand owners, distributors and retailers provide consumers, suppliers and business partners with all kinds of information about their products, preparation instructions, recipes, videos and images, coupons, expiration dates, nutritional data, warranty registration , instructions for use, traceability, links to social networks, as well as real-time updates.

Connections to other sources of information or databases such as an electronic catalog can be enabled by taking advantage of the common functionality that the Digital Link standard has called “Resolver”, this being a search tool. Imagine a physical phone book or contact list on your computer. When you search for a company (or person) name, you're connected to a phone number and other relevant information, such as a physical address, email address, job title, and more. Like phone books, the resolver can be created and used by a variety of entities.

How does Digital Link work?

A consumer wants more detailed nutritional information and additional recipes to prepare a pasta. They can use their smartphone (no additional dedicated app required) to scan a QR code on the package that contains a URL. The phone directs them to a brand-owned web page that provides nutritional and recipe information, as well as other product information and/or brand experiences (videos, promotions, etc.). If the same consumer uses a retailer app to scan the exact same barcode, they can be connected to different experiences, such as ordering products, accumulating loyalty points, and "sharing" products with friends on social media. The same QR code in another period of time will lead to different content, as established by the brand owner, showing new content of new products, offers, content in another language, etc.

It is envisioned that it can be scanned at the checkout counter, laying the groundwork for the future of on-pack codes. This does not mean that the use of the bar code is limited, rather, with Digital Link it will be possible to obtain additional information on trade items through a single scan and digital connection with consumers. 

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