08 Feb

Obtaining the barcode is essential when distributing those products that you are producing and will not only benefit the intermediaries that will sell your products, but you will also achieve faster and more efficient sales.

For this reason, at Hong Kong Barcodes 489 it is very easy to obtain the codes you need to send your products as soon as possible to the department stores and small shops where you want to carry out your business.

What should I do to obtain the EAN-13?

To obtain an EAN-13 you must go to the online store and select the EAN-13 Package HERE. The code will arrive once you have entered all the information of your product, and have made the payment.

In order to generate the code we will need all the necessary information that an EAN-13 must contain, so this step is essential to be able to offer you the product, since without that information we will not be able to make the code.


The selection we offer consists of obtaining codes on packages, the number of which will depend on the needs of the product to be labelled, which you can select from a drop-down menu. It is likely that for the same product you will need several EAN-13, since it is most likely that it offers different packages or sizes of the product. Each different oil container, or t-shirt size will need a different number.

Once you have chosen the number of packages you want, you can choose the number of these you want. And you don't have to come up short, as you can store your leftover units for future use without fear of expiration.

What should I do to obtain the EAN-14?

Obtaining an EAN-14, which is specific for packaging and will not go through the cash register in the store, is very similar to the previous one. You must go to the online store and select EAN-14 Package HERE.

In order to generate the new EAN-14 code, you must provide the EAN-13 number, since the packaging boxes will be used to transport several units of the same product.

This is necessary because the EAN-14 number is subordinate to that code that identifies the product contained in the boxes, since this new code must offer the same information as the EAN-13, adjusted to the requirements that it will not go through the cash register .


In the case of EAN-14 there is also a selection by packages for the different needs you may have and they are selected using the same dropdown. And of course you can then specify the amount you need.

What do you receive after payment?

After making the payment you will receive the purchased product, either the EAN-13 or the EAN-14. It will be delivered to you digitally, and you will have the same product in three different digital formats, so you can use any of them depending on your needs.

You can add the code to your product or packaging design, and to make sure you have all your needs covered we send you the code in PDF, JEPG and EPS format.

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