31 Jan

Before going fully into what the price of barcodes is, we are going to clarify whether or not they are mandatory. As we explain in this article on the barcode legislation in Spain, there is no obligation to use the barcode for the marketing of products.

However, offering products that display the corresponding EAN code builds trust with customers. If the company is immersed in a stage of expansion or internationalization, it will be essential. 

What is the price of barcodes? 

It depends on the type of barcode in question. Whether to sell in a store or traditional trade, or to sell on the Internet for Hong Kong or internationally, you need all your products to have a barcode that complies with the regulations. This code fulfills a very specific function: that the authorities, and ultimately also the consumer, can monitor the traceability of the product.

How much does an EAN-13 cost for an individual product?

For a business based on the sale of products, the most profitable barcode in terms of legislation, price and possibilities of use, is the EAN-13 barcode. This code, which can be purchased individually or in packages with the corresponding volume discount, allows the seller to offer their products in any physical or online store. And not only in Hong Kong, but also internationally. Being a universal barcode, any client, national or international, will have the appropriate reader. The price of the universal EAN-13 barcode ranges from 250 HKD for one unit to 8,000 HKD for 100 codes. Single payment.

EAN-13 barcode price

What is the price of a barcode to pack several units of the same product?

Logistics management is a great challenge for any company. Creating a method of monitoring and control of a warehouse is not easy; at least if several have to be managed with full activity. For companies that need to know the status of their products at all times and control the situation in each of their logistics centers, the best solution is EAN-14 bar codes, as they help to control inventories. Quantity discounts for EAN-14 codes are more than interesting, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

See for yourself the price of barcodes! Click here!

I am a publisher: What is the price of ISBN barcodes for a book?

The ISBN is a specific barcode system for the sale of books and to control the volume of editorial production in each country. Be careful, because the ISBN barcode is not valid for all types of publications. It's exclusive to the books. Magazines, for example, have their own barcode which you can also buy here if you are a magazine publisher. Of course, remember that in order to buy the ISBN code, you must first request the ISBN number through the HK ISBN agency, HERE. The next step is to buy the ISBN barcode online. 

What is the price of barcodes for books?

In Hong Kong, application fee for books is free; get de graphic with bars here. 800 HKD.

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