24 Sep

The Consumer Caring Scheme aims to recognize local enterprises which pursue consumer care as top priority through out their businesses. They are committed to the belief “Customer for Life”, through making continuous improvement on products, services and processes to exceed consumer expectation and nurture customer loyalty. 

All participating companies have to go through the following 3 assessments which are related to the scope of the principles aforementioned.

  1. Self-Assessment
    Participating companies have to complete a self-assessment form and return to GS1 Hong Kong by deadline to reflect upon the actions/strategies implemented in the past 1 year under review. Participating companies may need to provide relevant information/document as evidence as needed.
  2. Interview
    During the assessment period, an interview will be arranged and conducted by the Organizer with the purpose to assess the service level of participating company at the current stage and/or any future enhancement plans.
  3. Consumer Survey
    A third party appointed by GS1 Hong Kong will conduct a consumer survey during the assessment period to measure the performance of the participating company in terms of quality of consumer care it delivered.  

Exposure Opportunities

A series of marketing promotions will be carried out to publicise the scheme and the winners to enhance public awareness and cultivate favorable perception.

  • Press release
  • Newspaper / magazine advertorial / supplement 
  • Social Media 
  • Promotional materials like leaflet / brochure 
  • GS1 HK website 
  • GS1 HK “Business Connect” magazine 
  • GS1 HK e-Newsletter & eDM
  • GS1 HK BARzaar (e-advertisement)
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