20 Oct

Retail industry is increasingly adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology, for example applying RFID in the management of inventory, goods return, anti-theft, retail check-out, store replenishment, online order fulfillment and so on, realising automation of many processes. Under the new normal, retailers / e-tailers must be more agile and adaptable to the ever-changing shoppers’ behaviour, and this requires a lot of data and automation to support the business decision.

GS1 Hong Kong is pleased to offer a FREE webinar to share how IoT technologies can help retailers:

  • Obtain the market and customer behavioural analytics through IoT devices;
  • Enhance operational efficiency and accuracy for new opportunities.

26 Oct 2021, “Go Smart” Webinar, GS1 HK.

Speaker: Mr. KK Suen, Chief Architect and Principal Consultant

More info: GS1 Hong Kong.

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