Does your barcode check out? Make sure that your barcode scans first time, every time with GS1 Barcode Check. A GS1 Verification Report checks for Country of Origin label, Scan rate, Correct size, position and type of barcode and Barcode number duplication. The report also provides advice on how to correct errors and improve barcode performance. For UPC, EAN, DUN, 128, ...

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A barcode that scans first time, every time, allows your product to be uniquely identified throughout the supply chain, from carton level to the end customer. 

Imagine the impact on your business if a truck full of your product was turned around at the retailer’s distribution centre? How much would it cost you to repackage? How much product would be lost? How would all of this impact your relationship with the retailer? 

The Barcode Check service provides advice and education to prevent errors before product packaging is finalised. Problems not addressed by simple ISO reports could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.