22 Feb

The work of the EAN barcode system has its most significant origin in the retail sector. It is in this industry where the uses of the system can be felt more easily by the consumer, due to the reading of bar codes at the points of sale.

The work of the EAN system 40 years ago consisted of standardizing the way in which products should be identified in value chains, in order to call the item in a single way regardless of where it is located.

In this way, a contribution was made that would facilitate the processes between business partners. Likewise, in order to allow the automatic reading of this identification, the EAN system standardized the bar code patterns to be printed on the different product and packaging levels.

This identification today is the basis for giving visibility and allowing the efficient flow of products in retail businesses and their suppliers. It is from this that a large amount of information is generated at the points of sale, facilitating the replenishment processes, demand planning and the activities associated with this flow of products such as the generation of orders and billing, among others.

EAN-13 barcode from Hong Kong

EAN-13 Hong Kong

It can be seen that identification is also involved in the electronic process of commercial documents, whose structure is also standardized by the EAN system, thus facilitating electronic commerce and the processing of the large amount of information exchanged by the sector, from the coding of products at retailers, to the payment of invoices related to the delivery of products.

Today, the automatic capture of information continues to develop to include other alternatives such as radio frequency identification, which can be used in devices that automatically control inventories and thefts.

Additionally, due to the relevant development of connectivity and the presence of a consumer who is increasingly looking for more information online, and demands that it be of quality for decision-making and its own security, GS1 developed standards to maintain the quality of the data handled in the databases and make traceability.

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